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Holiday Event Newsletter - September, 2008 
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In this newsletter, we offer Expert Advice on:
 -"Body Language" at Your Event
 -Dance Floor Tips
 -Specialty Event Photography
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Dr. Lillian Glass talks Holiday Party "Body Language" 

Dr. Lillian Glass

Dr. Lillian Glass is a world-renowned speaker and author on Body Language and Interpersonal Communication.  She frequently appears as a guest on Nancy Grace (CNN), Bill O'Reilly (Fox News), and the Today Show (NBC).
JNP:  Say you are the "New Gal" at your spouse's holiday party and you want to project an image of confidence without seeming arrogant.  What is the key?
Dr. Glass:  Be interested, not interesting.  Make the other person in the conversation feel like they are the center of the universe by letting them open up about themselves.  If someone talks about how they love to ski, ask followup questions, like  "What kind of skis do you have, What are your favorite slopes, etc."  When you show legitimate interest in the person in front of you, and you are a good listener and responder, and if you genuinely like someone, they will love you back! 
JNP:  Are you against pursuing an office romance at the party?
Dr. Glass: Definite pros and cons.  When you work with someone, you get to watch them in action, and maybe you can get a better sense of each other and your compatibility before you enter into a relationship.  But things sometimes don't pan out, and you should have an "Out Strategy" or an understanding that if things go sour, there are no hard feelings and ruined careers.  One more thing...boss-subordinate relationships should probably never exist.  It can cause so many problems and is not worth the risk...especially at a Holiday Party!
Call 800-578-5780 or email to have
Dr. Lillian Glass to speak at your event.

Frank's Free Advice

Frank Goldstein
Helpful Party Hints

According to JNP's resident expert, Frank Goldstein, when estimating dance floor space professional event planners consider an event succesful if 80% of the guests are dancing. Many planners feel that the dance floor should be 9 sq. ft (3' x 3' square) per couple dancing. A dance floor for 150 people should be 675 sq. ft. or a 24' x 27' dance floor (A close approximation using the standard 3' x 3' squares found in most facilities.) The stage should have an approximate 6' x 4' area per musician. A 5 piece band will want a minimum of 20' x 6' area. Depth can be added to the stage instead of length. A 16' x 12' stage will also accomodate a 5 piece band.

Awards forJoel Nelson Band and DJ Mighty Max

J Awards  The J Magazine Recognizes JNP Talent 

The J Magazine Readers' Choice Awards recently recognized the Joel Nelson Band as the #1 Dance Band in the Bay Area.  In addition, our own DJ Mighty Max received 2nd place in the Disc Jockey catagory.  Kudos to our home-grown talent...we are  proud of you!  Call us today to book JNB or DJ Mighty Max.

Green Screen Photography is a hit with our clients!

Nothing captures a moment in time like a special photograph in a perfect setting.  With Green Screen technology, we can make that magic moment happen at your party!
Guests have been enjoying Joel Nelson Productions unique party services for years.  With our Green Screen package, we can transpose your guest's photo onto thousands of backgrounds, print them instantly, and create a keepsake that they can take home.  For weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, and holiday parties, Green Screen photos are a fun way preserve special memories that can last a lifetime!  (We also have packages without the Green Screen Option...ask a JNP Sales Associate for details!)
green screen photo 

Special Event Price List:
Economy Package - $850.00
Two hours with photographer and 50 4x6 photos in special presentation mats
Standard Package - $1200.00
Three hours with photographer and 100 4x6 photos in special presentation mats
Traditional Package - $1550.00
Four hours with photographer and 150 4x6 photos in special presentation mats
JNP Deluxe Package - $1900.00
Five hours with photographer and 200 4x6 photos in special presentation mats
(All pricing with 5x7 photos add $250.00 per package)
A La Carte
Two hours with photographer - $200.00
4x6 Photos with Special Presentation Mats - $15.00 each
Book a DJ, Band, or Specialty Entertainer today for your Holiday Event.  Availability is limited, so act now!
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