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Don't let the Budget Blues Band play at your Event. 
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Joel Nelson Productions
Joel Nelson Productions Event Newsletter 
1.  The Importance of a Holiday Party
2.  New and Unique Talent for your guests
3.  "Meet Our Staff" - New JNP addition Ryan Rosoff
4.  Frank's Free Advice - "Stage Dimensions and Electrical Requirements"
5.  JNP Office Spaces for rent

Holiday Parties = Office Morale

Your Event Can Save the Day 

Holiday Party-goers

We are living in challenging times, and as budgets are stretched ever-thinner, businesses may be tempted to cut items like annual year-end company gatherings.
It is certainly understandable that some HR departments are downsizing their Holiday Events, but that doesn't mean that they should be done away with altogether.  Eliminating a party that has been a company tradition can send a discouraging message to employees and their families.  As one Silicon Valley tech company worker put it, "If we are not able to uphold a 23-year tradition, I feel like nothing is sacred anymore.  We all look forward to our Holiday shindig, and it would be a real blow to morale if it didn't happen!" 
At Joel Nelson Productions, we offer plenty of exciting-but-prudent options for your event.  Some companies that have booked bands with us for the past few years are now hiring Performance DJ's, Walk-around Magicians, Caricature Artists, and Impressionists for their party.  Our HR friends are relieved to find that JNP can save the day and bring quality entertainment at affordable prices.  In turn, Bay Area employees are happy that their hard work and loyalty are still being rewarded, even in the toughest of times.
Call us today at 800-578-5780 for creative packages for the slim budget.  We will make sure that you and your "most valuable assets" are sent into 2009 with a smile on their face! 

Frank's Free Advice

Frank GoldsteinStage Dimensions & Electrical Requirements

In my 25-plus years of playing and booking live music and entertainment, the two questions I am most often asked are "What size should the stage be?" and "What are the band's electrical requirements?"
Here are some quick guidelines: 
Unless there are special circumstances, the stage depth should not exceed 12 feet from front to back.  To calculate the width, multiply by 4 ft. per person, i.e. a 3-piece band should have a 12x12 area, a 5-piece band 12x20, etc. 
Outdoor performances generally require that the band stage be covered to protect instruments and gear from sun, heat, rain, and condensation.  To ensure the safety of performers and guests, you should never require a band to perform outdoors under adverse weather conditions.   The stage should be ready for a soundcheck 3.5 hours before set-up time if stage lighting is ordered, 2.5 if no lights are ordered.  Obviously, smaller groups require less setup time.
As for electrical requirements, eighty amps (4 twenty amp circuits) of clean 110 volt AC power should be dedicated to the band if there is full sound and lighting.  The power must be accessible through three or more grounded AC outlets within ten feet of the stage.  A band in a large room can perform with a minimum of 2-3 twenty amp circuits, but you may have to eliminate some stage lighting, and less available power increases the chance that a breaker might pop during the performance. A basic band supplying only sound for less than 200 people can suffice with 1 -20 amp circuit dedicated to only the band.
Frank Goldstein has been the bandleader of Manhattan Towers and a top-producing agent for over 20 years at JNP. 

Joel Nelson Productions has beautiful remodeled office spaces for rent!

We are offering 7 newly remodeled spaces in San Jose that range in price from $450-$950 per month.  Amenities includes internet connection, free parking, a common-area waiting room, kitchen, and restroom, new paint and carpet, and fantastic location in West San Jose at 1157 Saratoga Avenue between I-85 and I-280. 
As an added benefit to photographers, videographers, caterers, event/party planners, invitation companies, cake vendors, or anyone else in the wedding and corporate event business:  We have been Event Entertainment specialists for over 25 years in the Bay Area. Our goal is to fill some of these spaces with vendors that can be a constant source of reciprocal referral business. In essence, access to our steady stream of loyal clientele could offset your rental costs very quickly. 
Call today at 800-578-5780 to set up a tour, or forward this to a friend!
office spaceoffice spaces


Exciting, Economical Entertainment Options

Don't Fret!  JNP to the Rescue...

Have you considered some alternative entertainment as a last-minute option for your Hoilday Party?  Here are some fun, cost-effective choices:

Comedy Industries creates custom presentations for holiday parties, trade shows, training sessions, sales meetings, and other corporate events. 

CI can take your company's messages, add our unique comedy, juggling, magic and audience participation, and create a presentation that will make sure that everyone pays attention, learns and remembers those messages. 

Scotty and Trink

Walk-around Magician D. W. Wilson is one of San Francisco's most exciting performers.   He is an amazing Magician, and an astounding Palmist and  Palm Reader. You may remember D.W. as the magician on the Romper Room TV show during the 1980's or when D.W. Wilson was the featured magician on Cartoon Classics TV show during the 1990's.
Wilson's stage show combines incredible illusions, comedy and audience participation.At very large parties or events where people are spread out over a large area, D.W. will often stroll from group to group or table to table presenting sleight of hand illusions and palm reading.  Wilson's stage show to offer both a personal performance and an after dinner entertainment as well.
DW WIlson

Meet Ryan Rosoff, new JNP Agent

Ryan with guitar"Integrity, Energy, and  Creativity" 

Joel Nelson Productions is pleased to welcome Ryan Rosoff to our team of professionals. 

 Ryan was recruited from Texas to handle agency duties for Live Music and our new Public Speakers Bureau.  His professional background includes Music Promotion, Booking, and A&R Consulting for independent and major record labels and artists as well as a stint as a high school English teacher.   He has also produced, written lyrics and music, and performed guitar and vocals on 4 discs for the internationally acclaimed band Little King  
According to Ryan, "I am honored and excited to work with such a well-respected group of professionals.  It has been very rewarding to meet and recruit new talent and connect them with our clients.  The Bay Area has the most diverse set of performers I have ever seen!"
Ryan's creative energy and expertise in e-marketing are woven into Joel Nelson Productions' passion for customer service and cutting-edge entertainment.  Call him today at 800-578-5780 to discuss the best options for a hot band or a keynote speaker for your event.
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