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Joel Nelson Productions Plans the Best Corporate Events

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JNP has been planning and facilitating entertainment for the Bay Area's best corporate parties and events for over 25 years.  We represent a wide variety of live bands, DJ's and emcees, and specialty entertainers including magicians, psychics, jugglers, and public speakers. 
Whether you are planning a thematic holiday party, a team-building seminar, or a company picnic, Joel Nelson Productions has the experience and passion to fulfill any and all of your entertainment needs.  Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in planning everything from the most private party to the largest Audio/Visual production.  Whatever your budget, we can ensure that your event will be a success.


Frank's Free Advice

 Frank Goldstein
 "Marketing" Your Party to Your Guests
-by Frank Goldstein
Successful events start with knowing who your attendees are and making the event attractive as well as inclusive to all who attend. Simply stated: Market the entertainment  to the attendees!
I often describe the process as the host(s) and hostess(es) are the CEOs of a company and they are advertising a product, the event, to the attendees.  Market the dance floor.  What do your guests respond to? Consider ethnic traditions and musical tastes, personality traits, diversity, age, and on and on.  If you were hiring an ad agency, you would tell them who your product appeals to and the agency would tell you the correct broadcast media to get to that audience.   If you have a varied guest list for a holiday party, ask for input from your guest list. Get them involved early in musical requests and make sure your band or DJ plays a wide variety with the emphasis on the majority of the people's tastes. Have some Salsa, Cumbias, Merengues for your Latino guests; Tagalog songs such as Dahil Sailo for Filipinos; Motown, Classic Rock Swing for the over 60 age group;  70s and 80s for the over 30 age guests; and Contemporary Top 40 for the 20 and over age group.  
Comedy doesn't always translate the same with a diverse group. Choose visual comedy such as comedic magicians and jugglers over topical comedy.   Casinos are great ice breakers. Walk-around magicians at cocktail hours give guests a focus for conversation.   Let your entertainment coordinator know your guest list and the goals of your event and work together at finding the perfect balance of fun, elegance, and excitement to create a memorable event. 
Frank Goldstein has over 25 years of experience in the Bay Area

Book Big City Revue, the Bay Area's Hottest Show Band


Big City Revue has been one of the most sought after musical groups for social occasions, weddings and corporate events in Northern California. The band's unparalleled passion and enthusiasm to entertain -combined with solid, stellar performances - keeps this band in constant demand.

Big City Revue grabs their audiences, young and old with a positive energy that builds an intoxicating, dance driven atmosphere on any dance floor.
Completely versatile, Big City Revue offers a variety of musical options from an 8-piece combo to a 16-piece party band complete with dancers, Big City Revue's format can be uniquely tailored to the needs of any engagement.
Call Joel Nelson Productions today to book the Bay Area's best bands, including Big City Revue, at 800-578-5780!

Dance Cubes Make a Party Pop!

 dance cubes  
Your party-goers don't need to be confined to the dance floor anymore!  With our lighted dance cubes in place, our clients have been dancing the night away.  The lights are triggered by motion sensors underneath the platform.  As dancers get their groove on, the cubes glow brilliantly and give your guests another incentive to join in the fun.  Call (800) 578-5780 and ask a JNP sales associate for a quote on two dance cubes for your holiday party.
Cubes #2 

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